At The Fountain, we take pride in providing our readers with honest and unbiased reviews. To do this well, we keep a clear separation between our commercial business operations and editorial team.

First, our editorial team is led by an Editor. She is not involved in any business or advertising related activities. Any information regarding cost-per-click, partner fees, and/or revenue share arrangements we may have with providers or partners is strictly withheld from our editorial staff.

Second, while The Fountain’s business managers may provide resources and advisory support regarding the design of our objective review standards, the execution of any reviews, as well as the conclusions drawn and published by our editorial team, will be controlled by the editor with no influence from the managers.

Third, from time-to-time The Fountain will receive payments from providers or partners for content. When we do so we will include a brand logo and Sponsored by labeling to indicate payment was received. Sponsored content is at the sole discretion of the editor and may or may not include edits and feedback from the provider or partner.

Finally, each of our employees has signed a pledge, reproduced below, to protect the editorial independence and integrity of our content, creative, and digital tools. Currently, our Board of Managers includes Lauren Prosser, Zach Clayton and Ed Cheely. None of them are investors or shareholders in any private or public health care service organizations.  Any additional managers appointed by the founders will be independent.

As such, the financial arrangements we may have with medical groups, hospital systems, or health care organizations do not, and will never, influence what you read on The Fountain. We do not seek to benefit by featuring certain providers or partners over others, and we will always accurately disclose the unedited results of our provider and partner reviews, results of scoring and ranking data, and the unaltered views of our independent editors.

Thank you for your trust.

Manager and Employee Pledge:

We exist to advance the health, happiness, and overall well-being of people. Our goal is to inform, educate, and empower the public to separate fact from fiction in the elective medical and cosmetic space. In all matters, we hold our visitors’ interests–and as such, the independence, objectivity, and integrity of our editorial–above all else. We pledge to honor the spirit and letter of our Editorial Integrity Policy and all related disclosures and representations, including the strict separation of business and editorial activities.